Cindy was born in Portland, Oregon and has lived all over the United States and also in Japan.  She has visited Canada, the Philippines, Samoa, Hawaii and New Zealand and the travels have given her an appreciation of other cultures.

Cindy enjoys crocheting, reading, garage sales and other hobbies along with volunteer work, which she has performed with the Red Cross and numerous other charitable organizations. Writing has been, and always will be, the one true passion that lights a fire deep down in her soul. Growing up, she discovered she loved words and found that she had an aptitude for stringing them together into sentences.

Over the years, she has won or placed in various writing contests.  She has also written for and edited numerous newsletters.  Additionally, she has sold several non-fiction magazine articles to “True West” and “Wild West.”  As she raised her children, she always found time to read to them and tried to instill her love of the written word into their lives. She carries on this tradition with her grandchildren.

Cindy currently lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming with her husband Rich whose family has lived in the state for generations. Now retired from Laramie County School District 1 (LCSD1), she continues to write feature articles for the Public Schools' Chronicle, which has a circulation of approximately 40,000 readers.  

Her future goals include being able to travel more as time allows and to write, write, write.  She constantly challenges herself to develop more entertaining plots, characters and settings. Nothing pleases her more than to be able to tell a good story.  If it touches someone’s heartstrings and makes them laugh or cry, then she knows she’s done her job.